Where to get TCG Cards

It's no secret that the Bakugan TCG is difficult to get access to. While you can usually find current starter sets at your local retailers, actual booster packs and related products are rarely seen. This page is a guide to finding cards as well as links to retailers. First, I'll cover the kinds of products and where you can usually find them.

Individual packs - 11 cards, rarely seen in major retailers but sometimes found in bargain stores. More often found online, either on Amazon or game store websites.

Starter sets - Best product to aim for if you want to play the game immediately, or need guaranteed cards. Buying two will usually get you a full playset. Walmart used to stock these in 2019, but now they're often only found at Target. They can still be found on Walmart's website, though usually at higher prices.

Card Collection pack - Three booster packs, two cores, and a jumbo card. I've found these on Amazon and book stores in my experience. Often on sale, these can be cheaper than buying individual packs.

Battle Brawlers

Deluxe card collections - Dragonoid - Gorthion - Maxotaur - Hydorous - Nillious - Garganoid

One of the best ways to get BB cards in my opinion, three packs for just about $9 is a good deal. I've also found these at Barnes & Noble for their usual MSRP $12.99.

Individual Packs can also be bought here and here.


This is one of the most commonly found packs, look in bargain outlets or small local toy stores. I've also seen lots of them sold on Ebay for decent prices. If you have the money, you can get a box of 24 packs here.

Starter sets can also be found on Amazon: Aurelius Nobilious - Aquos Pyravian - Darkus Hydranoid

Age of Aurelus

After searching for a good while the only place I found booster packs being sold was on Walmart. There are a few listings on Mercari, but they're pretty expensive.

Armored Elite

One of the more accessible sets!

Recently Five Below has been stocking entire boxes of these, around $4 a pack

For packs, the site Unplugged Gaming has card collection packs (jumbo card is random).

I still see Starter Sets pop up at my Targets, but online they're pretty spread out. Each starter set can be found here: Haos Hydranoid - Aquos Howlkor - Pyrus Batrix

Probably the best product would be the Faction Bundles on Amazon. These go for about ~$20 and contain 4 booster packs along with 11 promo cards from past sets, many of which are highly used in the TCG. Strangely enough, some people have found these at Marshalls at a discounted price, despite them being "Amazon exclusives".

Pyrus - Aquos - Ventus - Haos - Darkus

Once again, if you have the money, here's a box of 36 packs on Amazon, or you can get individual packs here.

Fusion Force

Unplugged gaming has individual packs here.

Card collections can be found all over Ebay for a variety of prices.

Blind Boxes are exclusive to local game stores as part of the LGS program, but can also be found on Ebay.

Shields of Vestroia

Unfortunately SoV is not fully released (and might not ever be) and is only available in Starter Sets. I also still see these at Targets- in fact, the set with Darkus Eenoch is the most common and often sits on store shelves for days on end.

All Starter Sets can be found on Amazon, and Ventus Batrix and Darkus Eenoch can be found on Walmart.

Secrets of the Geogan

Currently (08/04/2021) SotG is the latest set to hit store shelves. Starter sets are regularly appearing on Target shelves, though they are not online at reasonable prices yet. Stay tuned for updates.